Rental & Payment

How long are rentals?

Rental periods are all day. That means we will provide your games for the entire day, or shorter if you are working within a specific time for your event. We are very flexible in working with our customers in this regard.

How do I reserve my date?

Call us at 402-430-4535 or email us at  to reserve your date and games. For events with two or more games, a non-refundable deposit of the greater of 10% or $50 is asked for upon placing your reservation. The deposit will be applied to your balance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and major credit cards.

When is payment due?

Payment in full is due the day of the event. You can either mail the payment before the event, give it to the delivery crew when they arrive to setup the games, or call our office to pay with a card. If your organization cannot get us payment in time for the event please let us know, we are happy to make other arrangements with you.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you decide to cancel your event, please contact us at 402-430-4535 at least 2 hours prior to us leaving for your event and we will refund any payments, with the exception of your deposit. If we have left our site to deliver games for your event, you will be charged a $75 fee and $.58/mile for travel we have incurred. If games have been delivered and set up, you will be charged full price for the rental. Deposits are not-refundable, but we will apply it to any future events.

Our office is on-call prior to and on the day of an event. Please don’t hesitate to call because of late/early hours if you are considering canceling your event.